BlackBerry 10 VoIP SIP Client using pjsip

It wasn’t that long ago we speculated that pjsip on BlackBerry would be available sooner rather than later.

Well apparently it’s true: Tru has ported pjsip to BlackBerry 10 (a.k.a BB10, snappy though somewhat unimaginative).

So there you go. BB1o has stolen the thunder of us native C developers. Windows Phone 7 (a.k.a WP7), are you scared now?


1 Response to “BlackBerry 10 VoIP SIP Client using pjsip”

  1. 1 Big Bang Systems 23 June 2012 at 8:46

    The advancements in VoIP are just outstanding. With 4g service coming to most areas I think that it’s going to be feesable to place quality voip calls over 4g.

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