PJSIP version 1.14 and 2.0-Release Candidate are released!

We are doing two releases today. Version 1.14 is the latest from the 1.x branch, it contains incremental update and many bug fixes over the previous version 1.12. There is no huge new features implemented on this release, but nevertheless there are several notable update and many important bugs were fixed. Have a look at the Release Notes for 1.14 for the details.

Version 2.0-RC (Release Candidate) is the latest development from the trunk, continuation from the Beta that we released last January. We feel that this version is stable enough to warrant the RC name, and hopefully this is the last version before the final release shortly. Please see the Release Notes for 2.0-rc for the details on what have been done on this milestone.

Last but not least, please head over to the Download page as usual to get the goodies. Enjoy!

2 Responses to “PJSIP version 1.14 and 2.0-Release Candidate are released!”

  1. 1 halim 2 May 2012 at 17:44

    i need to cross compile pjsip v2 for my arm mini6410 running embedded linux and when i try this steps
    ./configure –host=arm-linux
    make dep
    at the make ( final step ) , it give me an error
    and as i understood that this lib is missing
    ” libportaudio-arm-unknown-linux-gnu.a ”
    arm-linux-ar: creating ../lib/libpjlib-util-arm-unknown-linux-gnu.a
    a – output/pjlib-util-arm-unknown-linux-gnu/base64.o
    a – output/pjlib-util-arm-unknown-linux-gnu/crc32.o
    a – output/pjlib-util-arm-unknown-linux-gnu/errno.o
    a – output/pjlib-util-arm-unknown-linux-gnu/dns.o
    a – output/pjlib-util-arm-unknown-linux-gnu/dns_dump.o
    a – output/pjlib-util-arm-unknown-linux-gnu/dns_server.o
    a – output/pjlib-util-arm-unknown-linux-gnu/getopt.o
    a – output/pjlib-util-arm-unknown-linux-gnu/hmac_md5.o
    a – output/pjlib-util-arm-unknown-linux-gnu/hmac_sha1.o
    a – output/pjlib-util-arm-unknown-linux-gnu/http_client.o
    a – output/pjlib-util-arm-unknown-linux-gnu/md5.o
    a – output/pjlib-util-arm-unknown-linux-gnu/pcap.o
    a – output/pjlib-util-arm-unknown-linux-gnu/resolver.o
    a – output/pjlib-util-arm-unknown-linux-gnu/scanner.o
    a – output/pjlib-util-arm-unknown-linux-gnu/sha1.o
    a – output/pjlib-util-arm-unknown-linux-gnu/srv_resolver.o
    a – output/pjlib-util-arm-unknown-linux-gnu/string.o
    a – output/pjlib-util-arm-unknown-linux-gnu/stun_simple.o
    a – output/pjlib-util-arm-unknown-linux-gnu/stun_simple_client.o
    a – output/pjlib-util-arm-unknown-linux-gnu/xml.o
    arm-linux-ranlib ../lib/libpjlib-util-arm-unknown-linux-gnu.a
    make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/trojan/Desktop/pjproject-2.0-rc/pjlib-util/build’
    make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/trojan/Desktop/pjproject-2.0-rc/pjlib-util/build’
    make: *** [all] Error 1
    so can u help me to find my error ?

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