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PJSIP version 2.1 is released with support for BB10, SILK, and OpenCore AMR-WB

PJSIP version 2.1 is released with primary focus on BB10 and support for SILK and OpenCore AMR-WB codecs. We also managed to fix synchronization issues in PJNATH and last but not least, the release also contains bug fixes and improved interoperability after SIPit 30 testing in North Carolina just a couple of weeks ago.

As usual please see the Download page for more info.

Port Your PJSIP Engine to BlackBerry 10 in Less Than 10 minutes

[This is a guest post from Gurtej Sandhu, developer relations at RIM]

If you haven’t already heard, the BlackBerry 10 countdown is on. If you have an existing application using PJSIP libraries, this is your opportunity to port your pjsip open source stack to BlackBerry 10 in a matter of minutes. As you may have already heard, Bob Cripps has successfully ported PJSIP to BlackBerry 10. Just very recently Bob has helped simplify building PJSIP for BlackBerry 10 by creating a set of executable scripts. This work has now all been committed to our BlackBerry github repository.

I took this opportunity to dig deep into building PJSIP for BlackBerry 10. As soon as I had my Linux environment up and running with all the prerequisites installed, I am happy to say that it took me less than ten minutes to build and load PJSIP BlackBerry 10 Cascades sample project to my BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device. So please don’t try to reinvent the wheel – dive right into this github repository to port PJSIP to BlackBerry 10. Remember to follow the README instructions as they are very important. You can also follow the instructions in PJSIP porting guide knowledge base article.

If you run into any issues in porting PJSIP to BlackBerry 10 you can send me a tweet @_GurtejSandhu or write your comment below and I will be happy to assist.

Again, huge kudos to Bob Cripps for contributing his recent work in simplifying building PJSIP for BlackBerry 10.

Success stories:

BlackBerry 10 Development:

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Initial support for BlackBerry 10 (BB10) now available

Recent work has incorporated the initial port of pjsip on BB10 by Tru.

It is not on any release yet, so you’ll have the get the latest pjsip revision directly from our Subversion source code repository. Follow the guide on how to compile pjsip for BlackBerry 10.

Of course if you don’t have the BB10 Dev Alpha Device it’s not that useful, yet.

And the code is likely to change (probably a lot) while BB10 SDK matures toward production. UPDATE: It is also expected that the production release will have the all-important echo cancellation APIs.

I suppose we’ll see soon enough whether BB10 can really revive RIM and BlackBerry in the smartphone wars.

If not, well we’ve been there five years ago, when we initially supported pjsip on Symbian. And Windows CE/Windows Mobile. And so on…

BlackBerry 10 VoIP SIP Client using pjsip

It wasn’t that long ago we speculated that pjsip on BlackBerry would be available sooner rather than later.

Well apparently it’s true: Tru has ported pjsip to BlackBerry 10 (a.k.a BB10, snappy though somewhat unimaginative).

So there you go. BB1o has stolen the thunder of us native C developers. Windows Phone 7 (a.k.a WP7), are you scared now?