How to Use Your Nintendo DS as a Phone and Make Free Calls


nwfc (Credit:

Fulfilling the promise I made in the post announcing the VoIP client for Nintendo DS, I will describe the steps needed to turn a plain Nintendo DS into a Wi-fi phone (the nPhone!)

What you will need

  • Nintendo DS or DS Lite (obviously)
  • Wi-fi enabled DS game
    • I used Mario Kart DS
  • Memory card adapter such as SuperCard DS (One)
    • I bought it bundled with a memory card at ConsoleUp. Unfortunately at time of writing they are out of stock.
    • Helpfully, the package include a USB microSD reader, so it will be easy to copy files across.
    • There are other brands as well, such as R4DS.
  • microSD memory card
    • Files needed will take about 28 MB.
    • I bought a 2GB one, in case I want to use it for something else.
  • VoIP account (SIP-based)
    • I used VoipBuster. They allow free calls to some countries for the first 60 minutes. After that you will get a certain amount of free calls as long as you put money in your account.
  • SvSIP, the open source VoIP client.
  • Wi-fi connection to the Internet.


  1. Setup wi-fi using your chosen Wi-fi enabled game.
  2. Download latest OS files from Supercard (I got SP5), and unpack.
  3. From the unpacked OS files, copy the scshell subdirectory to memory card, keeping the structure.
  4. Unpack SvSIP.
  5. Copy SvSIP to memory card keeping the separate svsip directory.
  6. You should end up with two directories on the memory card.


  • Edit config.txt for SvSIP. See below, I delete the bits that we don’t need

–username put your registered username here
–password put your password here

  • That’s it! Put the memory card in the SuperCard, and put the SuperCard in the DS console.

Making a call

  • If you turn the console on, after the splash screen, on the bottom screen you will get something like Windows Explorer. Just touch the svsip directory, and then touch svsip.nds.
  • Dial the number, in the format of ’00’, and then the country code, and then the area code in the country (without any leading zero), and then the telephone number. For example calling 0012024561111 will get you connected to the White House comments line. 00442079250918 should get you the fax tone of Number 10 (Downing Street, that is). You get the idea.

Try the steps, and leave a comment on your efforts. I’ll document all troubleshooting and will post it separately.


58 Responses to “How to Use Your Nintendo DS as a Phone and Make Free Calls”

  1. 1 Ben 24 October 2007 at 22:04

    How about a port for the iphone???

  2. 3 26rah3009h 25 October 2007 at 16:47

    can you show me a vedio of how to do it

    • 5 froogle buttkins 12 July 2011 at 21:21

      of course it’s legal! 🙂 Supercards on their own are ONLY illegal if you choose to play ROMs (illegally downloaded games) on them but perfectly legal to put bought/non-commerial games or applications on. Us techies like our nPhones. Much cheaper than your iPhones.

  3. 6 anonomus 20 November 2007 at 3:24

    eh confusing

    wen i get wi-fi connection will give me internet on my DS???

  4. 7 ismangil 21 November 2007 at 12:01


    Yes, you browse the Internet from your Nintendo DS. You need a browser:–ZjWFInT-vIEngbV

  5. 8 eok 26 November 2007 at 18:52

    we don’t need a port (only) for the iphone…
    we need a port for the ipod touch!!!

    since the touch has a microphone, all we need now is a sip software!

  6. 9 sevenhelldragon 7 December 2007 at 1:31

    @”Port for the iPhone” crowd
    Uh… why bother? The DS is about a billion percent cheaper than an iPhone, for one, not to mention you can actually do -other- things with it.
    If you think that getting VOIP on your iPhone is going to allow you to use it without a contract wherever you normally would, think again. I’m not entirely hip to the iPhone’s specs, but I do know that to use VOIP, you have to have an internet connection. Either you’d have to use a wifi hotspot, or a data plan for your phone. The second would give you more freedom, but would kind of defeat the purpose.
    It might be wise to mention you don’t -specifically- need the ‘supercard ds one’, any flash cart for the ds will do (R4ds is my choice). The installation of things to it is as simple as copy and pasting directories to the microsd card, and unfotunately, my manual made it sound like a headache to set it up.
    As for legality, the VOIP on ds is as legal as making the calls from your computer with say, skype. The playing of ‘game backups’ is questionable, as is the entirety of the emulator ‘market’. Ideally (for being legal, anyway), you’d only play ROMs of those games you own already.
    If you -are- putting svsip on your ds, and can’t be axed to setup the config file, ask around the internets for a kindly techie to do it. (IRC is usually a choice way to do this)

  7. 10 ismangil 7 December 2007 at 16:27


    Thanks for the tip, updated the flash card adapter bit.

  8. 12 hopethereis1 11 December 2007 at 1:15

    if there is no replay in 3 weeks i will asume this is illegal

  9. 13 Sasquatch 11 December 2007 at 4:44

    @ hopethereis 1

    yah it’s legal…don’t fret my friend.

  10. 14 hopethereis1 11 December 2007 at 22:12

    k thanks for telling me

  11. 15 hopethereis1 11 December 2007 at 22:14

    can someone tell me how to us wifi for the ds please i know it isn’t really on topic

  12. 16 hopethereis1 11 December 2007 at 22:24

    can you please like make a video of you calling someone besides yourself.

  13. 17 ismangil 11 December 2007 at 23:19


    For wi-fi on Nintendo DS Lite, then see

  14. 18 hopethereis1 14 December 2007 at 2:14

    k but can u make a video of u calling someone else besides ur self please

  15. 19 Kissker 15 December 2007 at 15:24

    If your going to be a whiney kid about it, then you really don’t need to try to do this.

    This is a free program (SVSiP) and the services you use are free-for-trial, and then you must pay on them like reloading a time card.

    The benifits are about equal to the downsides, like.. you can only call in Wifi zones.. so if your stranded on the road, obviously a cellphone has a better chance of connecting a call… after your trial is up- you have to pay, or stop using… to my knowledge, no one can call you… however you can set up programs like skype and connect to other skype users for free, because the program itself supports user to user calls for free. (and yes Skype is working on the DS/L)

    The major downsides to all this is, it’s not really “free”, and of course you should get a mic/headset for best quality, you can’t recieve calls (you don’t have a “phone number”) and most VOiP services I’ve seen only support 60 mins to select areas before you need to buy the service- which is fine with me.

    For all you kids wanting a “free cell phone” it will probably never happen, no matter what free program comes out to make calls- you still have to connect to something, Wireless internet, a service provider, etc etc.

    As for using Iphone and such.. why… you already have a device made to make calls.. and as for “getting them free” you will be using Illegal methods, enjoy your jail time when your caught.

    Great idea SvSip though, and I love it, Iam in the city most the time so theres always an open line someplace (mostly eating houses like Denny’s and McDonald’s) and so free contact on-the-go to my friends.

  16. 20 hopethereis1 15 December 2007 at 23:27

    fine i well stop whinning i needed to confince my dad i still can’t figure out how to get wifi assec though i was just at a mcdonalds wiht free wifi.

  17. 21 hopethereis1 16 December 2007 at 22:25

    do you need a computer for wifi with the ds when your at mcdonalds

  18. 22 hopethereis1 22 December 2007 at 1:59

    please respond to my last post as quickly as possible

  19. 23 Kevin Miller 30 December 2007 at 2:55

    if i do this and i just want to call some body on my ds would i have to pay to set up an account or pay for the calls just in the U.S.? I f i do i will not do it.

  20. 24 ismangil 1 January 2008 at 22:29


    If no one responds then it means no one know. You probably need to ask somewhere else, such Nintendo Wifi support. Ask them about “playing wifi games at McDonalds.”

    @Kevin Miller:

    There are some free minutes but usually there are terms and conditions. It depends on each service provider.

    In short: there is no such thing as a free lunch!

  21. 25 hopethereis1 17 January 2008 at 21:19

    Thank you for your adivice

  22. 26 Emman 8 February 2008 at 22:22

    To do this. Do you need wire less internet in range or can u do this like…any where?

  23. 27 ismangil 8 February 2008 at 22:29


    Yes, you need to be connected to a wifi hotspot.

  24. 28 daii 1 March 2008 at 23:34

    is it possible to use a nintendo ds lite browser and use voip online without downloading(if there is any)?

  25. 29 ismangil 2 March 2008 at 0:25


    No, it is not possible to do VoIP online with just the browser.

  26. 30 luis 18 March 2008 at 15:23

    (off subject), hey if i get interbet on my ds and i go somewhere out of range will i be able to reconnect without losing all of my friends on pokemon diamond palpad…….

  27. 31 luis 18 March 2008 at 15:24

    if u want to cantact me i hav fal youtube acount my youtube name or username is uturn150 Ok so if u can help me wit my question just hit me up….. (^>^)

  28. 32 Jay 6 June 2008 at 22:20

    So would the Nintendo DS Media Player work for setting this up? It would be nice to use at work so I can call my girlfriend on my cigarette breaks. The service is free as long as your calls are less than an hour?

  29. 33 Drew Hill 17 June 2008 at 20:52


    I am new to the DS and the Wii so please bear with me! How do I get my DS to connect to the internet? I have the Yoshi”s Island game for the Wii and this game is supposed to work with my DS. I have tried to make this work all night last night and tried to make it work ALL Day Today.

    Can someone please halp, I need some help. I will greatly appreciate it if you can help me.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    A HILL

  30. 34 Tommie 24 June 2008 at 11:07

    When I start my DSTT adn choose (SVSIP.NDS) the logo pops out for a second then the screen becomes red and it says:

    Guru Meditation Error!
    data abort!

    what should I do?

    • 35 namour4ever 30 August 2009 at 6:35

      I’ve got a DSTT/TTDS too, and i’d say it happens often to me when i’m using a homebrew not widely tested and not (yet?) 100% DLDI(simple way to define DLDI: it works out-of-the-box with any DLDI-compatible flashcart, like M3Real, R4DS, DSTT(yeah kind of…) and lot more…).

      The problem with DSTT is that they have not released their (kinda unique) DLDI specifications, so homebrew makers must play the trial-and-error game… (in french: essais et erreurs -> pick a good dictionnary for the exact english term.. maybe test-and-trial ? )

      This (above) was the long answer. The short one is:
      -Try again.
      -Try again
      -One more time.
      -come on! Again
      Still not working? Contact homebrew’s maker.

      ‘hope i learned you something today!

  31. 36 Menace211 9 July 2008 at 20:58

    Works for me. Which is amazing since there is like no wifi here

  32. 37 dazia 4 September 2008 at 1:44

    how to add people that has nitendo

  33. 39 nbb1315 11 February 2009 at 22:53

    does this work with r4 too?

  34. 40 nothing 28 February 2009 at 22:18

    I tried using svsip with my r4ds, I was sure to patch it first, but all I get after the splash screen is a black screen. When I press a or b or touch the screen it just makes a weird buzzing sound. Any ideas why this is? I also made sure to edit the config file accordingly.

  35. 41 ibrahim gitau 13 March 2009 at 7:32

    my name is ibrahim am akenyan and was in this site for help on how ican join this prog am 30yrs old

  36. 43 boeboe 16 May 2009 at 20:22

    you talk aubout money , but how much?

  37. 44 Keith 18 June 2009 at 22:50

    What do you use to send the software to the nintendo DS

  38. 46 shenandoah 17 August 2009 at 21:55

    i went to go pay for time they use your mobile phone to acquire is there anyway i can pay without them going thru a cell phone

  39. 47 Blanca 1 December 2009 at 21:28

    Hi i cant believe u r very smart i dont kno wat 2 say so k bye

  40. 48 Griff 30 December 2009 at 20:05

    I am trying to use this software but i keep getting an error message on the loading of the WIFI, any suggestions?

    • 49 namour4ever 1 January 2010 at 12:15

      Like with most of the homebrew apps out there: try these settings:

      -Visible SSID (not “hidden”) (like, “dlink”, “linksys” or “home-router”, etc…)

      -manual DHCP
      like: IP: 192.168.x.15
      Gateway: 192.168.x.x (usually 192.168.x.1 where the “x” is either 0, 1 or 2, by default)
      pri. DNS: same as Gateway, usually)
      sec. DNS: same as above

      -WEP key is needed for Nintendo DS. No WPA

      The Nintendo DS emits weakier than it receives, you may need to get closer of the access point to get the first connection. (my dlink needed it)

      Hope I helped !

  41. 50 Griff 1 January 2010 at 20:10

    it’s not that the WIFI will not work because all my other apps can run with it, it’s on the first screen were text appears saying connecting info. About 2/3 down the screen it sais failed file “g:/samuel/sources/c/pjproject-svn/pjsip/src/pjsua-lib/pjsua_core.c”, line 588
    It is very weird
    Can you PLEASE HELP!!

    • 51 namour4ever 5 January 2010 at 3:32

      G:\ ?! Are you trying on an emulator ? If not, be sure to read the README.txt file that comes with the app, it’s not called “readme” for nothing :p I can’t help myself because i did not tryed the app yet, but I hope you’ll get it working :S

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