Breaking changes in source code repository due to IPv6

Dear all,Just want to inform (and give a bit of warning) that the SVN trunk is now “officially” incompatible with the last 0.8 release, due to major work to support IPv6.Unfortunately these changes will affect all applications that are based on the pjsip and pjmedia, regardless whether IPv6 is used. Potentially there shouldn’t be any changes to applications that are based on pjsua-lib.Most of the changes should be trivial though, related to changing pj_sockaddr_in structure, which is IPv4 specific, to pj_sockadr union in few places, and adding “af” (address family) argument to few pjlib functions to select the appropriate address family type.Here’s the declaration of pj_sockaddr union, just to illustrate what change should be required if pj_sockaddr_in is changed to pj_sockaddr:

typedef union pj_sockaddr
  pj_addr_hdr     addr;
  pj_sockaddr_in  ipv4;
  pj_sockaddr_in6 ipv6;
} pj_sockaddr;

Currently pjlib, pjsip, and pjmedia have been patched with IPv6 support.The DNS stuffs in pjlib-util and STUN/ICE stuffs in pjnath are next.

You can track the development of IPv6 support in:

[pjsip] Incompatible changes in SVN repository due to IPv6

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