Embedded RTP under µClinux on Nios2

I’m working on an application with PJMEDIA under uClinux on Nios2 environment. I have a stream audio with codec L16 48000 stereo and mono.This works good.

[pjsip] Resampling module add

It’s good to hear pjsip and pjmedia being ported on different embedded systems. The quote above relates to Nios II from Altera. Nowadays, running a media stacks such as RTP is very important for embedded processors such as Nios2.

If you have any other experience in using our protocol stacks on other embedded devices, please feel free to share it!

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  1. 1 savitri 20 May 2009 at 6:09

    can u share your PJSIP porting to NIOS2 .I want to port it to NIOS2 running microCOS2 ,Canyou please guide me regarding this with some more information….

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