Recognizing open source community contribution: Champion of the Month Award

At PJSIP we always feel we don’t express our gratitude well enough for all of your contributions to this project, be it comments, criticisms, bug reports, patches, and so on. Especially some people deserves our special thanks for their extra efforts in helping others, or for their perseverance in solving problems (read: bugs) when the going gets though.

Bug of the Month January 2009 Award

This award goes to the most most difficult, most elusive, or perhaps even most silly bug that was found this month. And the award goes to ….

bug #696

Bug #696

Bug #696. This had caused “RTCP clock skew detected” message to appear every now and then in the log and subsequently causing wrong RTT calculation.

What makes this bug a winner is that this has been so elusive that it had been living in the code for two and half years. We were aware of it but simply didn’t know how to fix it!

So our special thanks goes to Guido Fischer for solving this bug. You are smart. 🙂

Bug of the Year 2008 Award

The winner of Bug of The Year 2008 Award goes to …

bug #660

Bug #660

Bug #660, INVITE request is not retried with authentication, even when correct credential is available, if the 401/407 response is received after a 100 or provisional response (!).

This bug really deserves a special award. It is so trivial, and yet it had been living with us for as long as I can remember, it had passed so many tests by us and interop tests with so many products by so many people, and it even slip though undetected in two SIPit events. It simply cannot be more silly than this!

So we thank Bug #660 for truly shaming us all.

Champion of The Month Award

Champion of The Month earns our recognition for achieving expertise, participating in community activities, and sharing their knowledge with other community members in the PJSIP mailing list.  This month we would like to award this to ..

Gang Liu

Gang Liu

Gang Liu, for being actively helping other list members in the past few months, as well as contributing several patches. You have demonstrated your expertise with PJSIP and we as well as I’m sure others have found your contributions to be very valuable. You deserve this award!

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