Version 1.0-rc4 is released

Turns out that the previous release was not so much of a good news after all.

Several people had reported several build problems, especially on Mingw, and also on Windows Mobile, due to the recent addition of multicast constants in PJLIB socket abstraction.

We apologized for the problem (and quite humiliated too), hopefully we’ve learnt our lesson and this will not happen again in the future.  In the meantime, please find the update in the download page.

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  1. 1 johnswyen 17 October 2008 at 2:14

    I’m using the PJSIP stack downloaded from and meet some problem with making a sip call.
    When the call has been successfully made(the “m” functionality), some high frequency noise belong with some echo effect can be heard from each phone’s “loud speaker”. Same problem also occurred in the loopback functionality(press “l”).

    To reproduce the problem, pls follow the steps below:
    1) download and port into Carbide 1.3 with “bld.inf”.
    2) rename [root]\pjproject-1.0\pjlib\include\pj\config_site_sample.h to config_site.h
    3) change SIP_DST_URI, SIP_DOMAIN , SIP_USER , and SIP_PASSWD in ua.cpp(pjproject-1.0\pjsip-apps\src\symbian_ua\)
    4) install “symbian_ua” on target device. i’ve test on Nokia 6220, Nokia 6110, Nokia E70.
    5) launch “symbian_ua”. Now u should see that u’ve successfully registered.
    6) press “l” to test the “loopback” functionality. Now u should hear some high frequency noise belong with some echo effect.

    Thanks in advance,



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