The Lazy Product Manager’s Way to Release VoIP Products

If you are a product manager wondering how to get into the VoIP market quickly before it moves to Telecom 6.0 or so, Jimmy Atkinson has helpfully provided a comprehensive list of 74 Open Source VoIP Apps & Resources. It’s all nicely categorized, with more than adequate descriptions.

You can just feel the raise you are going to get because it is just made it so easy to assemble and launch your product. Your boss will be amazed at your in-depth knowledge. Your development team will worship you as the Open Source God.

And yes, pjsip is listed as no. 31, by the way, in the category of SIP Protocol Stacks and Libraries. Actually to be a bit pedantic pjmedia should appear as well under RTP Protocol Stacks. And maybe pjnath, the new library for firewall traversal using ICE, listed under Development Stacks. But I digress. Go ahead, with 74 choices like that, is there any other reason NOT to go open source?

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