pjsip project applying for Google Summer of Code 2007

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UPDATE: The list has been published and we were not accepted. Thank you for participation in the application process, apparently ours just weren’t strong enough.

For those who haven’t heard, we’re applying for Google Summer of Code 2007 (GSoC). We’ve listed our ideas so far, thanks for all the suggestions.

We’re also still accepting applications for mentors, so please don’t hesitate to contact me regarding your availability.

We’ll know on 14 March 2007 whether we are accepted or not, I’ll keep everyone posted.

2 Responses to “pjsip project applying for Google Summer of Code 2007”

  1. 1 Lloyd Budd 21 March 2007 at 0:14

    Even without the funding maybe there is an opportunity to get the volunteered mentors matched up with some students or people interested in the project?

  2. 2 ismangil 22 March 2007 at 2:21

    Lloyd, that is true. We always welcome help on the development side. But as it stands, understandably, all the eager student developers are applying to GSoC first…

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