Mobile SIP service on Symbian gets $24.5m

Recently Vecosys mentioned social mobile network trends in 2007. The mobile trend continues as Truphone announces £12.5 million of venture capital funding. Truphone is creating quite a buzz, with a favorable mention on GigaOM. They got national UK TV coverage as a result.

So is this the start of a good year for the SIP industry, to offset Skype’s (non-SIP) dominance on the desktop? Or do you think Truphone is just another VoIP provider doomed to struggle for real revenue as some people have commented of Vonage or Skype?

I welcome your comments!

UPDATE: Om Malik thinks the investment is laced with a dash of irrationality.

3 Responses to “Mobile SIP service on Symbian gets $24.5m”

  1. 1 Steve 3 April 2007 at 18:00

    They’re already behind which is a free download and probably more functional. I’m sure there will be many more start-ups in this area, many free…

  2. 2 ismangil 4 April 2007 at 9:29


    Thanks for the tip, I actually did experiment with fring a while back. But now I see that they have massively improved.

    Nimbuzz (which uses pjsip on the PC client) is also worth a mention. They have a different model for voice calls by using local numbers for GSM instead of straight SIP/VoIP call over Wifi or 3G/GPRS like Truphone and fring.

    The more the better, good for us users.

  3. 3 willis 25 April 2007 at 22:52

    O seu softphone SIP é compativel com os aparelhos celulares Nokia N91 ou E61. Favor, envia um demo para ser instalado com meu servidor VOIP (Asterisk)



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