Increasing visibility of development

Although pjsip as a development process has always been very open, with a public Subversion, Bugzilla and so on, we’d like to improve it even more. We’ve now deployed Trac to replace Bugzilla because it provides better integration with the Subversion repository. Also it gives us the ability to easily provide a pjsip roadmap.

Oh, almost forgot. This blog itself is also going to be one of the main channel to communicate stuff about pjsip development. We hope it will be useful for people who wants to be kept “in the loop” but does not want the traffic of the normal mailing list. And no, an announce-type mailing list won’t do, we need a reason to start a blog. Everybody has one now.

If you got any more ideas for our development process, leave a comment here, or in the mailing list if you are a subscriber, or email.

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