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pjsip for Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded CE – what’s the difference?

You can see for yourself the difference between Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded CE. As for pjsip, it should run fine on both of them, according to the documentation page Building for Windows Mobile Targets (WinCE/ PDA/ SmartPhone).

Let me know if you have problems or found significant differences when building pjsip for Windows Mobile versus Windows Embedded CE!

Mobile SIP service on Symbian gets $24.5m

Recently Vecosys mentioned social mobile network trends in 2007. The mobile trend continues as Truphone announces £12.5 million of venture capital funding. Truphone is creating quite a buzz, with a favorable mention on GigaOM. They got national UK TV coverage as a result.

So is this the start of a good year for the SIP industry, to offset Skype’s (non-SIP) dominance on the desktop? Or do you think Truphone is just another VoIP provider doomed to struggle for real revenue as some people have commented of Vonage or Skype?

I welcome your comments!

UPDATE: Om Malik thinks the investment is laced with a dash of irrationality.

You Cannot Live Without SIP and VoIP Technology in 2007

Anita Campbell picks 10 technology tools no small business owner should be without.

Among them is a Virtual Switchboard and a Smartphone. This is where SIP with media capabilities can help. With presence and VoIP capabilities, you can be located virtually anywhere there is a network connectivity

Oh, and actually if she got a smartphone, there is no need for an iPod Shuffle. I just picked up a 2GB miniSD card for about £20 (US$40 or so). Shove it in, twice the capacity!

So in place of an iPod, I would swap in a hosted CRM account, such as Zoho CRM, which is free for the first three user.

There you have it. If you have any more ideas, or disagree with any of the choices, please leave a comment!

P.S. For UK small businesses, swap Royal Mail for USPS. It can do pretty much the same, including the most useful of all the ability print your own stamps.