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Python SIP User Agent (Softphone)

Actually pjsip now supports Python abstraction for PJSUA-API, although there don’t seem to be a lot of interests for this (people seem to be more interested with ActiveX abstraction rather than Python abstraction 😀 ).

But why Python?

Well first and foremost, it’s for building a nice GUI!

If you’re looking for tools to build a portable GUI, actually Python fits the bill very well since it’s available on almost every platform (Win32, WinCE, MacOS X, Linux, Unices, and even Symbian, you name it), and many GUI toolkits are available for it (with my favorite being wxPython, although PythonCard also looks very interesting (too bad it doesn’t support sizer though)). And not to mention that the language itself is very powerful for creating this kind of application (read: to create something very quickly).

With the power of Python and the high level SIP and media API provided by PJSUA-API to do SIP calls, multiple accounts, presence, IM/instant messaging, buddy list management, conferencing, etc., this could potentially create a potent combination!

So watch this space, there could be a GUI coming out of soon! (or maybe not, just don’t hold your breath yet 😀 ).

Other reasons for creating Python abstraction for PJSUA-API:

  • it sounds ideal for creating scripting like programs, such as for testing purposes,
  • .. and I always want to learn Python. 🙂

So Python it is!