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PJSIP version 2.2.1 is released

PJSIP 2.2.1 is released which mainly contains bug fixes for 2.2. For the complete list, have a look at the Release Notes.

We would recommend anyone using 2.2 to upgrade to this version. Please see the download page as usual for more info.

PJSIP Version 2.2 is Released with New API for C++, Java, and Python

PJSIP version 2.2 is released, with the focus on new PJSUA2 API, an Object Oriented API for C++, Java/Android, and Python. See the new PJSUA2 Book, a comprehensive tutorial/documentation specifically for this API, for more info.

Also Android is now supported. Apart from these, we added support for 64bit Windows, third party echo canceller for Android, iOS, Windows, etc, and closed over a hundred tickets on this release. See the Release Notes for 2.2 for more info, or head straight to the Download page to get the source code.

PJSIP 1.x being Phased Out, Version 1.16 The Penultimate Version

PJSIP version 2.0 has been out for eight months, we’ve had two releases since then, we feel that the 2.x line should have been maturing now.

It’s time to say goodbye to the venerable version 1.x.  It’s proven to be a successful product, in my opinion. It’s been with us for four years, 25 releases, and it has met a lot of people’s expectations. Although granted that it has its share of deficiencies too. We could only hope that version 2 would be as successful.

But we can’t maintain 1.x forever. We feel our limited development resource would be better spent at developing 2.x instead. Thus we are giving version 1.x support for six more months from now, until September 2013. We hope that this, along with the eight months that we’ve had, gives enough time for everyone to upgrade their 1.x based product to PJSIP version 2. We do encourage everyone to upgrade to PJSIP version 2.

PJSIP version 1.16 was released. This version contains many bug fixes backported from version 2.1. The next version in PJSIP 1.x version line, version 1.17, will be the last of the 1.x series. It will only contain critical fixes from the 2.x, hence once again we recommend everyone to upgrade to version 2 to get the full benefit of PJSIP.

Thank you for using PJSIP!

PJSIP version 2.1 is released with support for BB10, SILK, and OpenCore AMR-WB

PJSIP version 2.1 is released with primary focus on BB10 and support for SILK and OpenCore AMR-WB codecs. We also managed to fix synchronization issues in PJNATH and last but not least, the release also contains bug fixes and improved interoperability after SIPit 30 testing in North Carolina just a couple of weeks ago.

As usual please see the Download page for more info.

PJSIP version 2.0.1 is released with support for BB10 and SDL2

PJSIP version 2.0.1 is released. This interim release is mainly to support SDL2 which was made available at about the same time PJSIP 2.0 was released which broke our build that relied on SDL-1.3. In the mean time, we already have the initial support for BlackBerry 10 (BB10) in our SVN trunk, hence it gets included with this release as well.

As usual please see the Download page for more info. Thanks.

pjsip Version 2.0 (with video!) is officially released

After many months in the making, 2 alphas, a beta, and an rc, pjsip version 2.0 is now released.

There is no big surprise on the feature as it has been known for sometime now:

  • Video support, currently available for desktop platforms.
  • On demand media transport
  • Support for 3rd party media stack in PJSUA-LIB

For a complete list, have a look at the Release Notes and announcements for alpha, alpha2, and release candidate.

Getting Started guides have been updated as well, let us know if something doesn’t work.

Version 1.14.2 is also released

Along with 2.0, an update to the version 1.14 is also released.

You can download pjsip from the usual place.

PJSIP version 1.12 is released

This release contains significant features and bug fixes that we’ve done in the past six months. Highlights of the release  include:

In general, we would recommend anyone running 1.10 to upgrade to this version. Please see the download page as usual for more info.

Version 2.0-alpha2 is released

Version 2.0-alpha is released, yay! We planned to put the last API changes in this release, so after this there will be no more API change (fingers crossed!) and we can focus on more testing for the betas.

There is a significant API change in the codec and some important new APIs on this release, please click on the links below for more info:

Also there is a new useful utility called sipecho in the samples. More on that later.

Now, go straight to download page to get the latest release!


PJSIP-2.0-Alpha is Available

The version 2.0 is still some way from the so called release quality, but for those who want to take a sneak preview on what’s going to be available, we just prepared PJSIP-2.0-Alpha for you. It’s available from the download page as usual. There is also a little Video Getting Started wiki to help you get things done quicker. Enjoy.

Version 1.10 is released

PJSIP version 1.10 has just been released! There are several usable enhancements as well as few important bug fixes on this release, for more information please see the Release Notes. As usual, source packages are available from the Download page.